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The expertise of Orrish is not at all limited & has shown continuous versatility in managing different types of projects. We have made our alliance with reputed companies dealing with day-to-day web technology work. Whether it is custom development or integration in web enterprise portals, etc., we know exactly what to do. Apart from India, the major hub of our regular clients resides in Canada, USA, Australia, and different parts of Europe.


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More than 100+ Projects Have Been Completed in Business Verticals Like

The expertise of Orrish is not at all limited & has shown continuous versatility in managing different types of projects. We have made our alliance with reputed companies dealing with day-to-day web technology work


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Development Beyond Web Development

We are a multifaceted professional team. Apart from rendering Web Development Services, we cater your marketing, content writing, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and other needs. We are also engaged in transforming business models by providing modern IT Solutions such as Cloud, Mobility & Collaboration, IT Infrastructure Modernization and Development, etc. No doubt, we work in systematic yet flexible manner to deliver high-end web solutions.


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Web Development

Our website developers are skilled with cutting edge technical skills and have immense experience in building websites with appropriate optimization and coding standards. Our Open source technology offshore web development services using Magento, Drupal, and Joomla and WordPress technologies are among the best offshore web solutions offered in the market.

Creative Designing

Our creative designers are skilled to turn digital ideas to life with interactive and creative design. We work on website design that are highly appreciated by users, logo design & branding that are powerful and helps distinguish a business, Ecommerce store designs strategically to drive traffic with an easy checkout process to make it an effective tool and print designs such as magazine and web ads, billboards and signage, business cards, trade show collaterals and more, to give that much needed thrust to your business promotions.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is all about substantive and relevant customer interaction with a brand what they want and when they want it. Our digital marketing experts use extensive tools and build strategies to provide tailored, tangible and result-oriented delivery of digital marketing platforms to advertise the goods or services. We work to support services/products, create loyalty and increase revenue across various customer touch points.

UI/UX Design

We listen attentively, work creatively and take a user-centric design approach to every product we develop. Be it web or mobile apps. We firmly believe in the custom development approach and we reject cookie-cutter solutions to the design. Driven by design thinking we try to solve complex problems and find desirable solutions by employing logic, creativity, intuition and systemic reasoning.

Website Designing

Frontend is the final meeting point between the end user and our system. As we acknowledge the importance of it, we naturally take special care about frontend development. Relying on a number of modern web development principles, we are making beautiful and intuitive frontend apps. By utilizing new features provided by HTML5 and CSS3 coupled with JavaScript/jQuery and a number of popular frameworks (i.e. Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, Angular) we strive to use contemporary trends. In order to meet the goals set by our clients, we employ modular coding methodologies, such as OOCSS / BEM / SMACSS and provide them with responsive web apps available across browsers and platforms.

Data Storage

We consider databases to be the foundation of every application we create. This is why we put great effort in the process of database design. Our database developers and programmers have deep knowledge and extensive hands-on experience gained through successful completion of sophisticated projects that have incorporated various, stable and tested database engines.


We understand the importance of building a flexible and cost-effective IT infrastructure to move IT to an “as a service” model that can be scaled. This is why we take on a holistic approach to solving complexities and infrastructure issues. We help companies plan, architect, build, migrate and integrate IaaS solutions across different cloud environments. Be it private, public or multicloud, our deep expertise in working with major cloud infrastructure providers will help you elevate your IaaS solution and scale it seamlessly.

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We are courteous with our client. We use doctrine of honesty & hassle-free service. We are best for our qualitative results. We are transparent & trustworthy. We like to create positive vibe & client friendly.

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Yes, of course, you can get an idea about the PHP MySQL web development to eliminate your confusion.PHP is a feature-rich open-source script language and the fastest to use for developing web applications. MySQL is the most powerful open source database server. It is built with a relational database management system (RDBMS). It is capable of handling large-scale database connections. When web development using PHP and MySQL, It builds powerful and scalable websites and applications.

Yes, you can know here about the most popular advantages of websites made with PHP. It never needs to pay for expensive upgrades after the release of the next version. It is extensible and a large number of databases get supported. PHP runs on an independent platform and it is also server compatible. Its maintenance and development are very robust.

Yes, we help in E-commerce based web development using PHP and MySQL for large projects. An E-commerce website using PHP MySQL bootstrap is the advanced method to get overall access and a smooth running online store. We make a completely dynamic and responsive website. You will also get an interactive and all facilities for the visitors who visit your site to interact with your online store.

Orrish IT Solutions is the premier company associated with PHP web development. Our policy and accountability are so strong and we charge the minimum cost to our clients based on their project requirements. We also meet the deadline after listing the essential time frame to complete the project.

Yes, we provide an Upwork PHP developer to handle the project of our client. We have a team of expert PHP web developers and also we choose an expert freelance PHP web developer to complete the project on time. It means that here you will never get any delay in the process to complete your project. We have entire solutions to provide you an expert, skilled and well-experienced PHP web developers team.

We prefer to go for a long term relationships with our clients. All our efforts are directed towards it. However we have no issue if a client desires to move to any other service provider for any reason whatsoever. We provide the required details for the same. However we do make sure that the dues are cleared from accounts side.

Finding your website on the search engine requires it to be promoted well. There are many factors needed for making a website search engine friendly. We offer such services for the clients who wish their website to come on top pages in searches on selective keywords. SEO/ SMO are some of the digital marketing services for getting your site on search engines.

There are systems to follow and you will never be lost on the net. Our experts can guarantee your good & effective presence on the internet. There could be few period when due to search engine policy changes your position may vary but our alert team would ensure you are back in the game, that’s for sure.

Smaller static websites do not require much maintenance apart from timely renewals. However bigger sites or application requires lots of maintenance work and hence it requires specialized skills to do such maintenances. OITSPL has a full fledged team for undertaking Annual Maintenance Contract for such projects effectively. You can enquire about it thru submitting your enquiry or on call.

Redesigning is a custom activity and hence depends upon case to case basis. The process however is to get in touch with our sales/ marketing team who will evaluate your needs and study the existing systems so that the cost could be calculated. In most cases creating a new website is recommended as the technology and trend changes from time to time.